nexon logging in problem

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nexon logging in problem Empty nexon logging in problem

Post by sinfulchan on Sat May 08, 2010 9:21 pm

so tried logging in today. i tried multiple tries to log in but it says it was "the wrong password or non-existing account" which is crazy because i never changed the password and the account does exist. So i requested a temporary password and logged in. So i tried to change the password and it says that i cant change password at the time and i exceeded the amount of tries per day in changing a password. So okay, I'll just use this password for today i said to myself. This was about 5 hours ago. So now i tried to log in again with the same temporary password but now i get "the wrong password or non-existing account" thing again and it wont send me another temporary password because i exceeded the amount or whatever. I did log in 5 hours earlier and did not get hacked. What the heck is going on? anyone else have this problem?

this is kiki's bishop btw. shes very worried. and i have no idea why this is happening

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nexon logging in problem Empty Re: nexon logging in problem

Post by CanadianEH on Sun May 09, 2010 12:46 am

Its an error on nexons part, that happened to me too when I tried to change my pass from the temp password from when I got hacked, if you try changing it via the nexon official website you should be alright (I only got the error when changing it from maplesite)

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