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Application: Kaiyukochan Empty Application: Kaiyukochan

Post by alichan951 on Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:24 pm

I - Basic Information:
1. Name or nickname: Kimika (Kim)
2. Age (optional): 20
3. Gender: Female
4. Country or time zone: Mountain Time (USA)
5. Internet connection type and speed (optional):
6. Who referred you to apply?: AbyssCrawler
7. Do you have friends in Moirae (or Aeons)?: Just AbyssCrawler

II - Character:
1. IGN: Kaiyukochan
2. Your Previous IGN(s) (in case of name changes): none
3. Job and level (min. level is 90): Currently 114 I/L Mage
4. List your other level 70+ characters: none on this account unfortunately; making my way with two others though.
5. Reason for immigrating (If applicable): Came to Bello after heavy drama within a guild on Bera, looking for a less drama-filled maple life.
6. IGN(s) of people with access to your account: absolutely no one. :3
7. Previous guilds: Dragonfly, SoulEclipse, HighSSociety
8. Reason for leaving previous guilds:Guild leader disbanded guild (Dragonfly) and in SoulEclipse and HighSSociety there were not enough active users to do boss runs or z-runs.

III - Experience:
1. How long have you been playing?: Shortly after Maple was officially released ^.^
2. Do you have a Z. Helmet, HT pendant, or MON?: I do have a Z-helm on Kaiyukochan.
3. Do you prefer leeching over training?: Training all the way; leeching for me personally isn't an accomplishment in a level.
4. Describe your leveling pace: I can get about a level a week in between school and work, hoping to do more during breaks though.
5. Describe your experience with bosses: I've done Pap a few times, been on a couple z-runs. Other than that, not a whole lot of experience.
6. Did you ever host a boss run?: Nope, would like to try though
7. If you are a persistent merchant, specify the IGN of your store mule(s).: n/a
8. If you're a regular APQer, specify IGNs of your APQ mule(s).: n/a
9. Do you have any GPQ experiences? What's the best time for you to GPQ? How often would you help with GPQs?: I have gone with previous guilds on a few occasions to try and finish GPQ but out of the dozen or so times we went, none were successful, so no best time. I would help as often as I could and if I were within a boat ride to join.
10. Have you ever hacked? If yes, list the characters you hacked on Suspect : I have never hacked.

IV - Activity:
1. Describe how active you are on Maplestory: (daily, weekly, on weekends, on holidays…): I am on Maple usually about 3-4 times a week, more so on weekends (just because I don't have classes and I finish work early) and I'm usually on for at least two hours at a time.
2. Are you familiar with forums? If yes, specify your username(s) on forum(s) you're most active on.: I am familiar with how forum boards work, but have not been an active participant on ANY forum board for almost two years. I will have to reacquaint myself with it.

V - Vision:
1. Describe your personality.: I am a hard working person who sets goals with the intention of meeting them. I am helpful to other players (and people in real life) and when requested of help if I have any way of being able to help I do so. I am cooperative and participant in guild events and can sometimes work my schedule around bigger events that a guild holds. I prefer to train on my own or with one other person if the map has a high spawn rate, (or it's just a big map) and I like to grind actually. I am also responsible in the fact that if I have to be gone for a long period of time I will be sure to give plenty of advance notice and not just disappear for months at a time. I view myself also as talkative and like to be social with other guildies. ^.^
2. Why are you interested in Moirae and what are your in game goals?: I am interested in Moirae because I would like to be a member of a guild where there is a consistent number of players who log into the game on a fairly regular basis, who like to talk and like to do boss runs and GPQ.
3. Is there anything else you like to add?: Only that I hope that you'll seriously consider me a candidate for being a member of your guild.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. ^.^

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