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My application!! Empty My application!!

Post by Buinator on Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:16 am

I - Basic Information:
1. Name or nickname:Bui
2. Age (optional):17
3. Gender:M
4. Country or time zone:Pacific
5. Internet connection type and speed (optional):
6. Who referred you to apply?:NikeSF
7. Do you have friends in Moirae (or Aeons)?:I met a bishop named happycookiey

II - Character:
1. IGN:GoldenBui
2. Your Previous IGN(s) (in case of name changes):
3. Job and level (min. level is 90): Dual Blade and lvl 94
4. List your other level 70+ characters:I don't got any at the moment
5. Reason for immigrating (If applicable): I just want to be in a good guild
6. IGN(s) of people with access to your account:None
7. Previous guilds:Don't remember
8. Reason for leaving previous guilds: Don't Remember

III - Experience:
1. How long have you been playing?: about two years
2. Do you have a Z. Helmet, HT pendant, or MON?: z. Helmet
3. Do you prefer leeching over training?: Oh yes!
4. Describe your leveling pace: Well since Big Bang came out, I've gotten 14 levels and my goal is 120
5. Describe your experience with bosses: I feel intense, nervous, and excited
6. Did you ever host a boss run?: Nope
7. If you are a persistent merchant, specify the IGN of your store mule(s).: None
8. If you're a regular APQer, specify IGNs of your APQ mule(s).: None. To be honest I don't know what that is.
9. Do you have any GPQ experiences? What's the best time for you to GPQ? How often would you help with GPQs?:Nope
10. Have you ever hacked? If yes, list the characters you hacked on Suspect :No

IV - Activity:
1. Describe how active you are on Maplestory: (daily, weekly, on weekends, on holidays…):Weekly and sometimes daily
2. Are you familiar with forums? If yes, specify your username(s) on forum(s) you're most active on.: I am familiar but I'm active on them.

V - Vision:
1. Describe your personality.: Lazy, cocky, chill and nice
2. Why are you interested in Moirae and what are your in game goals?: It looks like a trusting guild and my goal is to try get reach level 120.
3. Is there anything else you like to add?: Yes, DUAL BLADE FTW!

Thank you for taking time and filling out the application to Moirae. Here is a brief list of actions you may do to improve your status:

1. Keep track of your application thread and reply to new posts regularly.
2. Hang around the forum and participate constructively.
3. Bump into us in game and get to know us better! What a Face

Note that we have the right to cancel your application for any reason we find fit. We may also choose to keep the reasons undisclosed. For more information, contact one of our JRs in game or via pm:
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My application!! Empty Re: My application!!

Post by Kimberly on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:25 am

Hi Bui, thanks for applying. I'm Kimberly, the strange leader of Moirae.

Just a few questions concerning your app.

Says you've been playing for about 2 years and only have a DB which recently came out... What other chars do you have?

Since you can't recall the names of the guilds or why you left them... do you know how many you have been in?

Personally... I'm not a fan of leeching. About how many lvls on your DB are from actual training? How are you training now Post-BB?

Have you been on any boss runs? If so, which ones.

Keep an eye on the forum, I'll be discussing your application w/ the guild.

My application!! Penguin_sign

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