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Application Form for New Members Empty Application Form for New Members

Post by Kimberly on Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:59 pm

alien Greetings! To join us you are required to fill out an application. Copy the form below to a new thread titled: Application: YOUR IGN HERE. Be honest. If we discover you failed to do so, your application will be immediately canceled.

I - Basic Information:
1. Name or nickname:
2. Age (optional):
3. Gender:
4. Country or time zone:
5. Internet connection type and speed (optional):
6. Who referred you to apply?:
7. Do you have friends in Moirae (or Aeons)?:

II - Character:
1. IGN:
2. Your Previous IGN(s) (in case of name changes):
3. Job and level (min. level is 90):
4. List your other level 70+ characters:
5. Reason for immigrating (If applicable):
6. IGN(s) of people with access to your account:
7. Previous guilds:
8. Reason for leaving previous guilds:

III - Experience:
1. How long have you been playing?:
2. Do you have a Z. Helmet, HT pendant, or MON?:
3. Do you prefer leeching over training?:
4. Describe your leveling pace:
5. Describe your experience with bosses:
6. Did you ever host a boss run?:
7. If you are a persistent merchant, specify the IGN of your store mule(s).:
8. If you're a regular APQer, specify IGNs of your APQ mule(s).:
9. Do you have any GPQ experiences? What's the best time for you to GPQ? How often would you help with GPQs?:
10. Have you ever hacked? If yes, list the characters you hacked on Suspect :

IV - Activity:
1. Describe how active you are on Maplestory: (daily, weekly, on weekends, on holidays…):
2. Are you familiar with forums? If yes, specify your username(s) on forum(s) you're most active on.:

V - Vision:
1. Describe your personality.:
2. Why are you interested in Moirae and what are your in game goals?:
3. Is there anything else you like to add?:

Thank you for taking time and filling out the application to Moirae. Here is a brief list of actions you may do to improve your status:

1. Keep track of your application thread and reply to new posts regularly.
2. Hang around the forum and participate constructively.
3. Bump into us in game and get to know us better! What a Face

Note that we have the right to cancel your application for any reason we find fit. We may also choose to keep the reasons undisclosed. For more information, contact one of our JRs in game or via pm:

Please note that editing your application after posting is possible but not recommended, so review it well before submitting.

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